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Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof Pet Travel Dog Carrier
Regular price $79.99 Sale price $59.99 Save $20.00

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"What Our Customers Say"

Our dog much prefers being on the back seat as opposed to the car boot. This is really thick, not slippery for your pooch and nice quilted finish to it .


This works!!! We have a long hair black cat who's hair tangles and knots up. He also has horrible anxiety problems! So taking him to a groomer was out of the question. I was able to comb all through his hair.


This is quite an cool thing. It clicks into the seat belt and then clips to
your dog's collar. It's well make and actually when you think about it makes a lot of sense.


I love it! Doesn’t leak, and water that doggy doesn’t drink goes right back into the tank with a press of the button! It is one of the best products I have ever used.